Studio 158

Studio 158 is a┬ámini-doc series about Oregon artists, produced for a budget of zero dollars. The project was born of the need to make sample videos for my camera reviews that weren’t just static shots of waterfalls, shaky cam footage of some birds, or, you know, selfies. I wanted to actually use a camera in a production setting and tell a real story.

But this project also serves a second, more important purpose: to provide free video services to individuals who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them (so no late-career Andy Warhols, please). The featured artists are free to use their films as they see fit for the promotion of their work, and I provide social-media-friendly edits for easy sharing through the likes of Instagram Posts and Stories.

Want to participate? Artists are selected simply via word of mouth. With each new video, I try to showcase an artistic medium I haven’t yet covered, but there will naturally be some repetition as the series grows. If you or someone you know is interested in being featured, please contact me at davenish(at)mac(dot)com.