small days

A monthly no-news letter.

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“Sleep fast, tomorrow’s another big day.”

Those words, uttered to me nightly by my mom when I was a kid, always confused me. What’s with all the big days? Why couldn’t I have a small day once in a while?

Hence, small days, the monthly serial for eating cereal on the couch in your pajamas. The lackadaisical distraction you crave from work. The invitation to slow down and see more by looking at less. The newsletter that’s light on actual news but admittedly still pretty heavy on letters.

Small days is a variety show, full of everything except actual news, carefully engineered to help you ease out of a lazy weekend. Each issue will feature insights on a random topic and synopses of a video and article I stumbled into around the web and deemed worthy of your time.

It’s a fleeting moment of fun in our dead-end existence. In the words of Rob Crow: you’re doomed, be nice.