Since June 2016, I wrote and published 146,067 words across 286 articles for four clients (not counting my personal work). I have no idea how this compares to the industry average, but if you had told me in May that I would write the equivalent of a couple of books’ worth of words in the second half of 2016, I would have laughed at you. (Like, I don’t even read books that quickly. Also, why didn’t I just write a book?)

I still feel like I’m faking it, not sure when I’ll really make it. I constantly need to remind myself that I get to write for a living, which is pretty dang cool, even if it comes with a host financial challenges. 2016 was a difficult year for numerous reasons and staying focused on the positive wasn’t always easy. I’m thankful that I have a supportive family and strong network of friends. (Even if I don’t really talk to y’all that much, know that I appreciate you. I’m just very introverted, so a little goes a long way.)

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but if I did, I’d say my job for 2017 is to better appreciate what I have. And to write a book. And to see Pinback in concert. Twice. February 6 and 7, Doug Fir, be there.