Breaking the rules of engagement: a fun Portland engagement photo shoot

by Sep 6, 2015Business, Field Day

Firstly, I don’t exactly shoot weddings and related photography anymore, so if you’ve stumbled upon this blog post while on your search for a wedding photographer of your own, please know that I will very likely say no should you inquire as to my availability. But when your old college friend begs you to shoot her engagement photos (read: she knows you’ll do it for cheap), what are you supposed to do? I said yes on one condition: no ocean beaches, no waterfalls, and absolutely no golf courses. Oh, and there would have to be beer.

So we began the shoot at Stamstisch with some oversized German lagers. We stayed there for a really long time because it was like a hundred degrees out and Stamstisch has excellent AC. Also, the wait staff enjoyed posing for my camera. After the sun fell below the horizon, we ventured out onto the streets, a local park, and then finally rendezvoused at another Portland bar, Tannery (hey, the couple that imbibes together survives together.)

But seriously, this shoot was a blast. I had so much fun that it almost made me miss shooting engagements and weddings regularly. Almost. Congrats on your engagement, Sara and Brian; I’ll take your pictures for beer, anytime.

Tech specs: Nikon D750 with Nikon 24mm f/1.4, 35mm f/1.4, and 85mm f/1.4.


  1. Kelsey

    I love these! I love how real they are. Beautiful couple, great photographer!

    • Daven



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