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Firstly, a huge thank you for thinking of me! I am humbled by the number of companies reaching out to me to review their products. To make sure we’re not wasting each other’s time, please review the below guidelines on what products I accept for review, how I review products, and what happens to your product after the review is completed.

I currently offer two outlets for reviews:

Self-published on my blog. Very pretty to look at with big, high-resolution images and custom layout designs with no distracting ads. Shows off your product nicely! Choose this if your main goal is to generate content to share and promote on social that makes your product look great.

Business Insider’s Insider Reviews section. Much larger potential audience, but much less eye candy. Choose this if your main goal is to put your product in front of more eyeballs that your own channels won’t reach.

What I review

  • Cameras, lenses, and some photography accessories
  • Computers and accessories for creatives
  • Camera and tech bags
  • Outdoor tech gear

What I don’t review

  • Highly specialized camera equipment, including HDMI/SDI monitors
  • Gaming PCs and accessories
  • Books and e-readers
  • Software and services

How I review products on my blog

My goal is to craft beautiful reviews that people actually want to read. I put considerable effort not just into the writing and product photography, but also into the layout and design of the article. Each review receives a bespoke layout that helps the product stand out.


  • I do not accept paid reviews or paid product placements.
  • I do not discuss my opinions of a product with manufacturers prior to publishing my review, except in cases where I believe my review sample is defective.
  • My reviews are not scored.
  • I do license quotes for manufacturer use, terms for which are arranged after a review.

What I do with your product

I never expect free stuff, nor will I promise favorable coverage in exchange for a product.

If you would like your product returned, please include a return label in the box when you ship it to me.

If you do not want the product returned, I will offer it up as a giveaway to my readers, unless I plan to produce more content around it in the future, in which case I will keep it until said content is complete.

Here are some examples of my reviews

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